Thirsty Chronicles – The Pursuit of Head

And another one from Apretty Girl’s Blog…

Had he known, that the effect of his cause would be so bloody Epic – he would have crawled to me on his hands and knees. Remember that lovely boy at the beginning of our story? Yes him. During our spring break, he was at a house party I was at. Him and my boyfriend were super buddies. They hung out together. Same crew. When “Get Busy – Sean Paul” came on? I pushed this lovely smiled, lovely eyed, lovely boy up against the wall and did everything a little teenage girl can think to do with her cutey booty. Soon, we were making out like showing out on the side of the road outside … which became the back seat of someone’s car … which became his face … in the kitty parlor. Justice Prevailed. And, all of my boyfriends friends stood by and watched it all happen. I remember their dagger eyes. lol. How do I sleep at night? With a bottle of cold water by my bed. Thanks for asking.

I immediately dumped my boyfriend the next day. (With his extra Extra lame ass. No Barbeque sauce.) and carried on my reign of the undying pursuit of: Good. Head.

The rest is history. What did I learn from this experience?

Whatever ONE man is unwilling to do, there are pleeeeeeeenty more – more than willing. to do it.

And just to think, somewhere on this planet – this boy is someone’s love of their life. One girls treasure? Another Girl’s TRASH.

Click here to read the whole post…. 🙂


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