Meet Shingai Shoniwa: African Fashion Icon and kick ass indie rock singer

Most fashionista’s reading this should already know this young lady, however some of you have probably never heard of her seeing as she’s the lead singer of a little known 3 man indie rock band by the name of The Noisettes.

She was born in England (September 1st 1981) but is of Zimbabwean descent as proven by her name Shingai meaning “persevere” in the Zimbabwean language of shona.

She grew up in London, England and like most singers, actresses and musicians of our time she gravitated to the arts easily starting with aspirations to become an actress, and was even a burlesque performer for a while. She studied circus skills as well but eventually attended the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon.

Her band, The Noisettes, was formed in 1996 and consists of Shoniwa, Dan Smith and Jamie Morrison. She plays the base and her fellow band mates play the drums and  the guitar. So far they have produced two studio albums: Whats the time Mr Wolf (2007) and Wild Young Hearts (2009).

Their second album is currently on rotation in my mp3 player ^.^ It’s awesome. I’ve inserted a video of my favourite song currently called “Never forget you”.

However I first came across Shingai on a picture blog dedicated to natural hair called Le coil. She is known for having a very eclectic sense of style she calls “Afrocentric with with an edge of couture’’ and attributes to influence by her mothers style in the 80s.

She is definitely no shrinking violet often wearing bold colors, funky jewelry and her hair is always daringly coiffed to match her outfits. Lets just say with her gorgeous voluminous afro and style choices, if she were to walk into a room, you would notice her.

Check out the fabulous Shingai below….

With her fellow band mates

What I love most about her style is it seems effortless. It doesn’t come off as a gimmick or as a forced thing. This young lady is effin awesome! ^.^

Check out their website here and an interview they did with Pop matters here.


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