I dunno. Seems a bit more fluffier than it should be, lol, but granted it is adapted from a fairytale so they can’t make it too grimy anyway. But somethings missing. I don’t know what it is. Plus it doesn’t help that its directed by the same dweeb who gave us Twilight (I hate those movies and I make no secret about it). But it’s missing some Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter or something!!!

I’m not satisfied.

I could watch this trailer a million times, and I have probably seen it a gazillion times as it is,lol. Release date: March 28th. I will be there!! Will you?

And this? well it has Natalie Portman and its kinda funny. Don’t think I’d go to the cinema for it but I’ll definitely watch it.

I have no idea what is going on, but I do know one thing: Steven Spielburg and J.J Abrams. Enough said.

And what else does the year promise to bring us movie wise? Click here for a list of the top 20 most anticipated movies this coming year at least according to Coed magazine. Includes Xmen First Class, The Green Lantern, Captain America, Red Dawn, Immortals, The Girl with the Dragon tattoo, Thor and The Hangover 2.

Which are you looking forward to?

P.S. I do not understand why wordpress refuses to scale the vids to a size that fits well on the blog. Really annoying. Anyhoo, you can always search for the trailers on Youtube, happy watching!


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