Temptress Lingerie

Okay I usually don’t do this but ladies if you wanna keep yo man and you aint got no Yeezy to teach you, heads up!

Went to Molapo today to buy a pair of heels I’d had my eyes on for a minute and I stumbled across this new lingerie store called Temptress. I don’t know how long it has been there, I have probably been sleeping under a rock. I’m not talking your basic bra and panties though, I mean actual lingerie. Maid outfits, Bunny outfits, police woman outfits, Nurse outfits, sheer net crotchless bodystockings and dresses that leave little to the imagination.

The store is well furnished too. Lace, leather and black is the stores decor theme. They also have edible bras and undies if your man is into that sorta thing. They even stock bachelorette party favours like d*ck straws, lolest! luv it.

Why is this such a big deal you ask? Well, we are in Botswana. Up until now the only stores that sold crotchless panties were the chinese stores and even then its rare (don’t ask why I know this). And usually when people are talking about sex here it is followed by the words H.I.V and A.I.D.S. Lol.

I really dunno how long this store will last. I suppose that since its Valentines soon they might be able to move some product but I doubt people here are open enough to support such a store publicly. Like walking into it, trying on shit and buying it. It would give my mother a heart attack! hahahahaha!!!

But you can buy their stuff online (in Pula) from their website for those who may be a bit shy…click here

The store window display
Inside the store
Inside the store

Their tag line is: Be his secret fantasy.

So go on ladies, make your man’s day! 🙂


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