Spotted: Meron, Juju Boy and Reggie

This post is looooong overdue but finally I have found time to do it.

First up is a girl named Meron (I love her name!!) My camera phone photography skills really didnt do her justice and I caught her in the middle of shopping (how very rude of me!) but she kindly obliged. Loved her bag!!

Meron if you’re reading this I bet you have a really cool wardrobe 🙂

Second is a local artist called Juju Boy. I felt like such a dweeb walking up to him and requesting a pic (I must have come across as a dumb ass groupie) but my cousin insisted. I would probably steal all his accessories, long necklacey thing included.

And last but not least is my awesome friend Reggie! He has these cool Puma kicks that look like a cartoon shoe-i know that hardly makes sense, but how else would you describe them?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean says:

    Love those kicks!!! What size shoe is Reggie? lol
    I totally get what u mean by cartoon.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      I have no idea what size he is but I’ll find out for ya! and if they’re your size I’ll make sure they go “missing”….. after all, what are friends for?lol!

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