Hole in the wall: Craft Market

So this week I’ve made it my mission to find hole-in-the-wall eating and drinking places in Gaborone city and in the process I’ve stumbled into a few stores I’d not normally frequent.

I went to a small mall (collection of stores really) called Craft Market hidden on a street in an industrial area of the city aptly named Broadhurst Industrial. They have the cutest little stores and the mall reminds me of a Tourist town called Maun in the north of the country.

I especially loved the furniture stores and there happened to be a store called Gallery Anne that has a Maun branch by the name of Jazella’s. They sell an array of things including clothes, cushions, furniture, jewelry, shoes, lamps, sun umbrellas and hookas/hubblys. They even had a Bob Marley drum, lol, how awesome. Everything in the store is really colourful and bright. I’m dying to buy a mini hooka and this gorgeous coral bracelet that is quite expensive…

However I didn’t manage to get pictures of that store but I did get pictures of another furniture store-the name slipped my mind. It makes me crave a house so badly because I’m itching to buy the stuff but have no where to put it.sigh.

After our little shopping adventure sister and I sat down to have lunch at a place in the same “mall” called Deli’s. They sell Italian food. The decor is very Mediterranean summer like; lots of light wood, soft colours and recycled looking (lol). It’s quite pretty. The food was okay, I wouldn’t say amazing but they have delicious smoothies! Sister got the most curious looking salad. She had two slices of bread on the side and the bread is pretty much made out of grass and seeds, thats how healthy it is! Yeah I’ll def avoid that salad.

I also ate at Sanita’s Tea Garden where I had the most delicious Bagel!!! And Cafe Fego which serve their sandwiches on a wooden slab and their lemonade comes in wine glasses, awesome.

Then yesterday I ended up at a small bar called the KFC (Kalahari Flying Club) by the Airport. Basic place but awesomely cheap alcohol and they have a pool table that we harassed for a couple of hours plus a swimming pool if you wanna swim (not while you’re drunk though).

I have not met a single soul I know at any of these places I’ve been to because people usually just go to the big malls for shopping and food. But I like that I haven’t seen any familiar faces, this city doesn’t feel so small anymore. ^.^


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  1. afrisoulkid says:

    oh wow! It’s been ages since I last visited that little shopping centre, I was beginning to think that it must have been a dream rather than an experience in the past. It’s such a little pretty place..and as I can see, with pretty little things!

    1. Ms B. says:

      its such a kiiiiyuuuute place!! I love it!! and i want a house like pronto to fill up with lots of cute little things!!!

  2. SoulElle says:

    thanks for the heads up Ms B.I love the craft market too.wish we had more places like that around town. thats like a fantasy world or a scene from a fairytale movie,so pweetty…!!

    1. Ms B. says:

      it is so gorgeous, i want to live there. If they put a lodge there i myt jus move in,lol!

  3. Brenda says:

    KFC stands for Kalahari Flying Club. It’s been in existance for 30 some years. I ran the club until I left to go back to Canada in Sept of last year. I miss the place and the staff a lot.

    1. Ms B. says:

      Thanks will edit that asap! It’s a really nice place, out of the way and great place to get drunk and play pool, lol. It’s still going strong so no worries, you should come back and visit it in the future! hope all is well in Canada 🙂

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