Model stalking-Yaya DaCosta

The other day I was watching “The Kids are all right” annd it was hard not to notice this tall gorgeous afro topped actress in the movie. I was convinced she was a model of some sort, went on Google and my suspicions were confirmed.

Her name is Yaya DaCosta-so fun to say-born 1982 in New York. Her main claim to fame was finishing second in Cycle 3 of America’s next top model.

She comes from a multiethnic background and in addition to English can speak Portuguese, French, Spanish, and conversational Japanese (How awesome is she?!). She is of Brazillian, West African, Native American/Cherokee and Irish heritage.She majored in African Studies and International Relations at Brown University.

She’s had quite the budding acting career since finishing America’s Next top model, appearing in supporting roles in Take the Lead, The Messenger, The kids are all right, most recently Tron Legacy and many others. She’s building up a portfolio and I’m sure we’ll see her in a leading role soon.

It’s hard not to notice her mane and in an interview with Se7en Magazine this is what she had to say about it:

“For little black girls the ideal way to look is like Beyonce, Mary J. Blige or Ciara, and it’s hard for them because they were born with curly hair. As women, we are masters of transformation. Hair is an art and we do marvelous things with our hair, but sometimes it’s nice to see examples of women who embrace how we look naturally. Not everyone has to have long brown straight hair, because that’s not natural. And yes it’s beautiful and it’s feminine, but wearing your hair naturally can be too. I think being in an advert and looking natural can be very beautiful.

“I’m not saying I don’t straighten my hair. Sometimes when I go to audition for a film role, I’ll straighten my hair, if that’s how I think the character would wear it.

“However, when there are so few examples out there of the real you, I’m happy to provide the other side.”

“As far as modeling is concerned, what I appreciate about the exposure is because people, particularly older women grandmothers come up to me and say that I remind them of themselves. Whether people are wearing their hair naturally because it’s trendy or it means something to them doesn’t really matter because the point is that it’s the new acceptance of self. It’s about loving yourself for who you are, and then going out and exploring other things.”

Amen. Pictures below.


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