Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

She pretty much hit the nail on the head with this talk for me.

I wanna show it to every girl and woman out there.

I am actually a victim of that “don’t leave before you leave” thing-I’m already planning my careers demise due to kids and I’m not even married yet,lol!
I have also noticed myself not “sitting at the table” when amongst a large group of men, for whatever reason in my head I have this idea that being a woman is something that puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to intellect. And being in a field dominated by men (I.T.) does not help.
And the point about making your partner a real partner was like a ton of bricks for me. In my life most of my closest friends have been males and one thing I notice about them in comparison to my female friends is they talk and behave in a manner that is all about “the hustle”, gotta make money, gotta provide for self and (future) family- women not so much, women tend to be less driven (openly anyway) or vigorous about their “hustle” plans and as she said a huge part of that is how we’ve been raised and the society we live in. I can count the number of females I know who are all about their hustle and make it known to the people around them, and behave according to that manifesto. Its kinda sad actually. I think many feel the burden of having to be Susie homemaker and business woman and just opt to be average in their career but excellent at home. Most men have the luxury of only having to be awesome in one area: career. As for family, they’ll hv kids but the responsibility of looking after them  in ways other than monetary always falls more on the woman. If women are to have a chance to get ahead we need to balance the scales.


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