Chillin in my Bboy stance…

So yesterday in my surfing I came across the Myspace page of an Japanese artist that calls himself Akibok. He has some funky stuff. The reason I went to his page initially was because I was chasing this pic below:

He happened to also have a widget on his page that plays an old school (1991 to be exact) House jazz inspired track called Hot Music by soHo. Within 20 seconds of the song playing I was sold!

All it took was James Browns voice then the drums coming in to get me to bump my head. Been hunting for the song online but the best I can find is the video on Youtube, can’t even find album info. It reminded me of my former obsession with Bboys. Lol, yes I had one, still do.  I used to watch videos on Youtube, specifically of  Ronnie Boy who reps the Full force crew and super cr3w. That dude’s got skill! He was actually Red Bulls BC champion in 2007 and has since taken on judging duties. Check out his profile here.

This soHo track is actually perfect for Bboys cz they like using funk and hiphop to break. And sure enough I came across another video of Fullforce crew breaking in a club in vegas in 2009 (they were inducting Kid Rainen from the Jabbawockeez into their crew) and guess what track plays on the 1.28 min mark? soHo – Hot music!! 🙂

I’ve been on a youtube Bboy craze ever since!lol. So here’s one more vid of Ronnie vs Roxite in the 2007 Red Bull BC one finals that he won.

I should prob stop stalking Ronnie and update myself with the new Red Bull BC one winners,lol. #Groupie!

If someone wants to pay for Break dancing lessons for me I’m game! 🙂


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