Ipod Nano watch

No seriously. [From Global grind]

“Scott Wilson, former Creative Director for Nike watches, has started taking giant steps in creating the first ever iPod Nano watch.

Wilson is not only proposing one but two wristbands, the TikTok and LunaTik . The TikTok is a basic plastic band with a snap-in frame, turning the new sixth generation Nano into a multi-touch watch. The LunaTik takes it to a next level as a “premium conversion kit”, made of two separate pieces that lock together securing the iPod in place.

Wilson and his team are currently taking pledges to sponsor the launch of the watch, but have taken some exclusive photos of what they hope to be the next big Apple product.”

Pics below. What do ya’ll think? Good concept or #majorfail? I’m still struggling to see the point of all this… *shrugs*


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