Back to my roots!! :)

So I finally did it, I’ve committed to my natural mission.

How? I did “The Big Chop” (hair lingo for cut my hair down to the new growth) and I must say this is the biggest test of my self esteem I’ve ever gone through. Low bow to myself cz this took major guts. Photos down below.

Its still quite short currently so im restricted in terms of hair styles. What i tend to do is jus put on a scarf or head band and call it a day. I don’t like combing it out cz I hate it when it looks short and fluffy,lol.

Anyhoo been in braids for the past month and a half i think, can’t wait to unbraid it and see if it has made any progress length wise.

At the moment my hair care regimen is; wash once a week with olive oil shampoo, condition once a week with shea butter conditioner, oil once a week with a mix of kuza (indian hemp hair oil) and extra virgin olive oil and rub with olive oil hair lotion before styling everyday. If i twist it or braid it (without extensions) I always do it with lots of olive oil or the olive oil lotion, that way i don’t have to rub it with oil the next day. Yes quite a bit time consuming but I wanna do it right.

we’re going hard or going home!!!! whoop whoop!!!


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