I met a Chilean man….

Was goin abt the daily grind when I finally got to meet the dude my cousin (Munchkin) had been raving about. He makes jewelry and is currently on the African leg of his backpack trip around the world. His next stop is Malawi (yey, my home country!) He’s going there for the Lake of Stars Music Festival.

Anyway so I got drunk on the beauty of his creations and took pics too. The most beautiful bracelet he had unfortunately I couldn’t afford (below)

Precious stone bracelet

He had an explanation for each piece he’d made; name of the stone plus country of origin. And because he travels so much he’s got alot of different things from different countries.

Below are some of the necklaces he was selling (they were made using sharks teeth, Jade stones, Fossils, crystals and seeds)

He makes bracelets too and whipped up little rings for free on the spot for my cousins and I.

Ring and Bracelet

Each ring he made is unique. He also had earrings and although small earrings aren’t my thing I couldn’t resist, got myself a blue and green pair. My sister opted for the Spider earrings.

And then while gawking at more of his stuff I came across what is actually a hair bead (you twist it into a lock of hair and let it hang) but my cousin gave me the idea of wearing it as a choker. Noiiice!!

And of course I had to take a photo with him, such a nice dude.

with my sister

Its so refreshing to meet such people. I wish I had half his courage to go on a backpacking trip around Africa on my own! I wish him well 🙂


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean says:

    Love his wirework. goodstuff

  2. thobes says:

    je t’adore!!

  3. Aashe Kindiano says:

    Great post…welcome back

  4. Jacinta Gonzalez Cerda says:

    Hi! I am jacinta Gonzalez, Benjamin “The Chilean guy” is my brother. I wanted to thank you for bring us news and pictures about him and what he is making recently. Is so weird to know what people thinks when they come across his work, really fascinating. I hope you bought a lot of stuff so he can come and visit us again.

    1. Asia says:

      hello!!! im so sorry i completely forgot to ask his name!!!forgive me i think i got carried away with the jewelry 🙂
      we bought as much as we could and even called more girls over to see his work.we wish he had stayed longer
      but bcz all his stuff is so unique he won’t have a problem selling it.it was a pleasure to meet him and i hope he returns home soon!!

  5. Paté says:

    It was a pleasure to see Benjamin´s work in your web page…unfortunately he doesn´t use to take pictures.
    …thanks for showing the jewelry in your beautiful neck and hands
    A friend of my son is also my friend..

    Benjamin Dad

    1. Asia says:

      you’re welcome! 🙂 he’s very talented.

  6. msafrocan says:

    Wow! Love the way his family got his back! Beautiful stuff. Look Asia, you helped some love move halfway around the world lol!

    1. Asia says:

      lol,yes i did! 🙂

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