I want to go natural….I jus lack that last push towards the unchartered territory (been doin the chemical straightening thing since I can remember). But I saw this girl today and thought I can do it!!! If that’s the end result, I can fxking do it!!! lol. She says it took her a year to get to that length O_o and my response was “so you are mixed race right?” lol. Anyhoo here goes nothing!!! *throwing away relaxer chemical*


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  1. Aashe says:

    I will get down on my knees, tanzanite and all if you were to do this :-*

  2. Asia says:


  3. Gorilla_Fist says:

    She’s beautiful ! Just like my girlfriend who rocks a supremely natural fro that I love ! I love natural hair on women, especially my woman ! Natural is where its at ! Peace !

  4. Asia says:

    yey for natural hair!!! i shud b half way there by th end of this yr. 🙂

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