Sneak Freak: Jeremy Scott, Converse and Master Mind.

Jeremy Scott did it again!!! These are the License plate Adidas Instinct Hi’s by designer J.S. Now if they make a custom pair that can have your name on it as an option that would be too much for my brain to handle… Hands down my favourite sneak designer!!!

My munchkin (lil cuz) loves leg warmers and she loves chucks too and guess what I came across?Yeeeeah boi!!! Two for one, that’s what I call value for money!!! Winter can bring it,we ready! lol.

Oh Geeezus!!! Munchkin and I went craaaazy wen we saw this next pair. These are by the High end street designer Mastermind and Adidas Originals. The pair was released this year June 16th. Oh ma gawwwd they got red soles!!! *sitting down to avoid fainting*

Jump over to Sneaker Freak (online sneaker mag) to see more new releases….


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