Art: David Choe “Nothing to Declare”

Black and white

David Choe is a muralist and graphic artist. He is of Korean descent and was born and raised in Los Angeles. He dropped out of art school, to become a wandering street/graffiti artist. He also acknowledges being a thief to support his life-style, now that’s someone who’s serious about their passion,lol!

I stumbled across his latest work now showing in an exhibition called “Nothing to Declare” on

I’ve inserted 3 of my favorite paintings by him from the exhibition, I like the mixture of spray painting and oil painting, he’s pretty damn good.

The second one below is really slick, all the sweets, ice creams etc are spray painted on to the canvas. Love it!


He has also done a couple of graphic novels that I’m now intrigued to see including  Slow Jams, (1996) and Bruised Fruit (2002) and his most recent book is Cursiv: Giant Robot presents a book of dirty drawings (2003). Some of his earlier work can be found in issues of Hustler, Raygun, Vice and Juxtapoz magazine. check out photo’s from his “Nothing to Declare” show here: and visit his website if you wanna see more:


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