Sneak Freak: Jeremy Scott, C1rca footwear, DC, Booji and more…

Ive never been much of a sneaker person till recently…I purchased my very first Nikes a month ago and I adore them!!! I still love my heels tho, but sometimes I like to let the inner tom boy out and do the backwards running man (the reject for those not in the know! :-p) However my Nikes aren’t high tops (how totally uncool of me!smh) so Im back on the hunt. The selection here tho leaves alot to be desired…so in the mean time Ill indulge in sneaker porn online…sneaker porn is what happens when artists fornicate with shoe labels,lol! The result is always interesting. Here are a few that caught my eye….

Jeremy Scott and Adidas produced these adowable micky mouse kicks!!awwww I want!!! And I think its safe to say these are for girls only….

Mickey sneaks

Ok these aren’t making me go crazy but i do like the idea of putting tattoos on sneakers,lol.They are “The Black Tear Project” created by tattoo artist Jun Cha in conjunction with C1rca footwear& apparel. The caption read: “Cha uses a mother’s profile and a tear drop to symbolize the transition from death and sacrifice to freedom and growth of one’s true roots. C1RCA and Cha collaborate to unify and emphasize such a degree of commitment – a commitment to skateboarding, art and the streets. One tear, one kill, one voice…2010 is the shedding of the Black Tear.” Okay then, here I was thinking he just drew stuff on a shoe.

Black Tear

This next pair is not done by an artist but I loved it so much I had to include it!!! DC collaborated with Native Forest to produce this “Western American-inspired Aztec wonder”,em kay! I can already think of an outfit to go with these….

DC Admiral

The colour of the next pair is what caught my eye….yummy!!plus u get a free purse attached!!what more do you need?lol! These are Booji regal wonderlands…

Booji baby!! 🙂

Love these next two cz of the design mostly. These are the Adidad Top Ten High sleeks, designed specially for women in mind.

Adidas Top Ten High Sleek

The next pair are Nike Delta Force Highs, I adore the colour!!!

Nike Delta Force

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without some Kanye West Louie V’s…..

Louie vuitton and Kanye West

I love the next pair because of the military element in the design. These are Vans No Quarter Lx’s designed by Taka Hayashi.

Vans No Quarter Lx

Another military inspired pair. These are Poormans weapons designed by Converse and UNDFTD, they must be yummy in black!!

Converse Poormans

I kinda like these Nike AIR royalty Macaroons….maybe it’s the colour…..

Nike Air Royalty Macaroons

And I think that sums up my list for now….As you can see I’m big on color. Anything colorful catches my eye. I found all these at, great place to search for new releases.

Off to count my pennies in my piggie bank to see what pair Ill be able to afford next year!!!lol.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mwakie says:

    WOW!!! Kanyes skats 4 LV r kick ass!!hands dwn ma fav!n the converse…..i mean,its converse!awesme! Lol!sneaker porn!lmao

    1. Asia says:

      Yeah i would love to have the Ye LVs with the pink base,sigh.And yeah the converse kick ass!!! 🙂 sneaker porn rules!!!lol!

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