Throw back of the week….Groove Theory

Feeling very mellow and groovy today so this song aptly describes my mood. Solange Knowles did a pretty good rendition of this song recently which I think meshed with her singing style quite well. But of course Amel Larrieux is a hard act to follow so the original still kicks ass for me. This is from the album “Groove Theory” by Groove Theory (lead singer Amel Larrieux and rapper Bryce Wilson) released in 1995.The duo split up after this album though, Amel pursued her solo career while Bryce spent time producing for other artists. Word is they’re working on a new album together soon to be released later this year…hmmm…wonder what it will sound like given that they’ve grown alot on their own since 1995.

Anyway in the mean time get your incense out, pour a glass of wine and dim the lights…time to get groovy!



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